Monday, August 25, 2008

Alfred 2nd Hearing Test and 3rd Pediatric Check Up

Today, I have to leave Alfred with his daddy as I was attached to an important course at my company. Early in the morning, Alfred needs to do his hearing tests. KS accompany by his mother to the hospital. The story line goes like this. Alfred need to goes to sleep before he could take the test. Normally, around 11am, it is time for Alfred morning nap. That is the best time. When KS successfully cuddle him to sleep, unluckily someone is in the hearing test room. Ks went into the testing room only after ½ hours. Sadly, the test failed again. When the 1st test failed, doctor changed to another type of testing tools. At that time, Alfred waked up. Again, they have no choice but to let Alfred taking sleeping medicine. The 2nd test was successful. Alfred has no problem in hearing. We are so glad to hear that news. But the doctor did mentioned, if Alfred could not talk when he reach 36 months, we have to bring him back to the clinic. It's definitely won’t happen, that is my hope!!

I’m back to my in law house in the afternoon as the course took up only ½ day. It is time for Alfred pediatric checkup. Today trip to pediatric is a pleasant trip. Although we have waited nearly 3 hours just because the nurses can’t find Alfred file, we have met good doctors. An applause to the those doctors. Although they are very young doctors, they act professionally. I threw out many questions at them and yet, they can answer well. As advice by Tonya, I did ask about the MRI. The test was done on Mac when Alfred admitted to hospital for 2 days due to high fever. Even the CT scan on his foramum have been done. The reports We also rose up issue on Alfred breathing. Sometimes, he seems like stop breathing for 1 or 2 seconds and then comes with a deep breathing. We ask the doctor whether Alfred is developing Apnea. As explained by the doctor, it is normal for young children. Their heartbeat is twice as fast as the heartbeat of an adult. If the breathing stops more or merely 20 seconds, then we have to admitted him to hospital immediately. Today conclusions, Alfred is really healthy and a happy boy. Although we don’t have actual growth chart for him, but as long as he is in good health, that have been really good. Alfred next checkup will be on December.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

2nd trip to Pediatric Clinic and A Visit to Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic

On his 2nd trip to pediatric, Doctor Vimal is on annual leave. Alfred was seen by another doctor, a newly graduate lady doctor. To be frank, she is just as young as me as I saw her identification on her tag. She ask politely that she want to took a picture of Alfred for her keeping purpose because this the first time she treating an achondroplasia baby. We raised the issue about Alfred lower spine had started to bow out which concerned us so much. A senior doctor came by and commented Alfred to do an x-ray on his spine and was then sent to orthopedic. He was recommended to another hospital in bigger city, Kuala Lumpur which have pediatric orthopedic clinic. The results said that Alfred spine had show no sign yet of kyhosis. But what happened in the pediatric orthopedic clinic really annoyed me. Again, Alfred was checked by a newly graduate doctor in that clinic. I guess government hospital is the training ground for new doctor. At that time, he wasn't sure because this is the first time he treated an achon child. He called up his professor but ended up Alfred being a teaching method to all the newly grad doctor there. Those doctors was lining up in front of the professor as the professor throwing out question for the doctors to answer. The situation is like you are in the classroom with a real human as a teaching method. I feel so sad and unrespectable by the professor. He didn’t read on Alfred report and just a simple glance through Alfred x-ray. He then told me that there is nothing to worry as kyhosis might will or might not occur when he grew up later. About those new doctors, they just took Alfred photo without asking my permission. Do they know how to respect their patient? A courtesy request, can I take a photo of your son? I guess that wasn’t so hard. To be frank, I don’t like my son photo being taken although I know it for a good purpose. Just some voice inside my little heart feels uneasy about it. I’m still thinking should I still want to opt for the coming checkup.

Eventually till now, I’m still looking around for a good doctor whom will really concern about Alfred conditions. We don’t have Achondroplasia specialists in our country. The only way we could find more information is by surfing the internet which leads me to many impressive mommy blogs. Their little baby stories burst me into tears and they do bought me laughter on every of their little move. They have inspired me with their blogs. Here, I would like to express my gratitude to all achondroplasia website mommies’ blogs especially to Tonya and Knoah. Thank you so much.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Day : Daddy And Alfred

A laughing moments of KS and Alfred ... Do enjoys!!

Daddy Quote : Alfred Laughing or Crying?