Thursday, April 16, 2009

4 Posts in A Day

It’s been a very busy weeks for us. We have been travelling up and down for Alfred checkup which the date of each appointment is so near. When I took up 2 days leave in a week, it leave me bunch of work on working desk which is so annoying. My laptop was send back to the factory due to certain default. Ohh!! Too many coincidences but, I still manage to loadup 4 posts today. That’s huge!! Enjoy your day & Thank You for staying with me.

Injection Day + Daddy Birthday

Alfred had his 1 ½ year old injections on Daddy Birthday. Both of us were on leave so that we could bring Alfred to get his final injection. Waiting for your turn is boring. We waited nearly for an hour for Alfred to get his injection. When our turn comes, the nurses will ask us the routine question and then he was given the injection. Last but not least, it ended up with crying and finally a love cuddle by his daddy to stop him from crying.

Waiting is BORING!!

Alfred's Injection!!!

The eye is still full with tear....He love being cuddle by daddy

Last Thursday during dinner, we had a small celebration with KS at my in law house. We bought home Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). KS’s brother and sister bought a cake for KS. It’s so sweet of them. Alfred likes to eat the bread and the smash potato from KFC. We ended up the celebration with cutting cake session. Alfred loves the fruit cake. He even demanded daddy for the peach on top of the cake.

Lovely cake from KS Brother & Sister

Singing Birthday Song!!

Alfred can't wait to cut the cake!!

Cutting the cake with Daddy!!

Mommy, Daddy & Alfred

MMMM... cake taste good!!

Sweet!! Sharing the cake with daddy!!

Appointment on 7 April 2009

We are getting Alfred custom shape seating today. We can’t wait to see how does it look like and how does it help Alfred in getting his kyphosis better. Finally, when we get the seat and this is how it look like...

I took this custom shape seat at home because we didn't capture a good picture when we at the clinic.

We stay up at the clinic nearly for 4 hours. Doc would like to test Alfred on the seating condition every 20 minutes to see whether Alfred skin is hurts. The seat will give pressure on his spine exactly on the curve spine and it will also affect his skin. Alfred will stay on the seat every 20 minutes and rested an hour before the next seat applied so it won’t hurt it skin for one month. After his skin tissue get use with the seat, then he will be seated for an hour till its see improvement on his spine. We were lucky because Alfred did not resist on that seat. Yet, Alfred still resist being touch by doctor. He cried so hard whenever the doctor tried to adjust the seat. He called out "papa" and crying all the time. But "papa" is not working, he called out "jiejie" (my husband sister). He called their name for help, shaking his head and waving out his hands so that I could hug him out. He cried almost for 5 minutes and finally I hug him up.

1st Trail on the seat

2nd Trial on the seat

Hang around the hospital for 1 hours to test on the seat

Result from the chair

The redness will be reduce when we take him away and giving his skin a rest every 20 minutes of seating. We tried as often as we could so that the skin will adjust to the seating condition. After 1 month, we have to return to the clinic for follow up. Then, the time seating on the seat will be increase.

Inside the seat, there is a foam which give concentrating on the curve of the spine.

When we on the way back to PJ home...

Oh!! What a day!!

We went out for dinner on the same day before we send almost back to to our hometown. We had planned to bring Alfred for Japanese food. When we were in the Japanese restaurant, my hungry Alfred demanded food from the next table. He shouting at the couple and the couple thinks he just cute shouting. They did not know that Alfred actually pointing at their food. Oh gosh!! We know that we are late for dinner and my little Alfred was starving. That’s a bad daddy and mummy. Quickly we order our meal and luckily our meal came fast. He loved the eel rice set that I ordered for him. He even demanded that he want to eat by his owned. Of course, I'm only giving him fruit by his own. Well, my little boy had grown up now.

Pointing at next table...

Our dinner

Eating by his own..

He love papaya..

A closeup picture by daddy


Alfred falls sick. It’s not a happy weekend. He doesn’t want to eat or consume milk. MIL said maybe he was over shocked by doc as he cried till he’s shivering. I captured few of those unhappy moments of Alfred. Here he goes…

Cuddle by daddy

Showing his sad face when I called him

Resting at daddy leg.. he doesn't want to move at all

My mom hand him a biscuit...luckily he like it..

Alfred manage to finish the biscuit

Appointment on 4 April 09

We had our quarterly visit to genetic & pediatric doctor. We concern about Alfred allergic skin and his flu that have not recovered since many months back. Doc recommended that we take a blood test for Alfred skin allergic and to continue medicine for Alfred flu. As prescribed by doc, we have to keep away Alfred from smoker and smoke from burning accents in order for his flu to get better. My in law house burn accents for prayer and my father in law is a smoker. It’s hard to avoid these two facts. My father in law is a smoker. But, we’re tried to explain to my in law about the smoke that getting Alfred condition worst. He will try avoiding smoking inside the house or near Alfred. That the best we can do. And I pray that I could get my transfer back to my hometown soon so that I can take care Alfred after my working hours. At least, away from burnt and smoke for a certain of time.

Getting ready for Blood test

Doc get the blood from Alfred hand

After the visit, we had our lunch at McDonald

See how beautiful he smile...

And, suddenly he show me his painful hand

Captured this when we reach our house.

Finally, peace at home playing with his favorite toy