Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby Chloe Arrival

Let get started with my last prenatal visit. Doc detected baby weight reach 3.2kg and advice me to get induce for early deliver to avoid baby getting too big for delivery later. Well, I called up hubby. We decided to follow doctor advice. Hubby flight back to Malaysia is on 15 Dec.

16 December 2009, we reached the hospital at 830am. By 9am, I’m already in the labour room waiting for doc to come. Due to emergency operation, doc arrived at 10am and burst my water bag and the contraction began. Due to the first pregnancy is by caesarean, my delivery contraction will be longer. After long hour of waiting in pain, the contraction becomes closer at 6pm. By 8pm, I know it’s time. Definitely, it is. Doc reach at 805pm and Chloe is successfully born at 817pm, 3.07kg. Her full name is Chloe Leong Qian Wen. Daddy chooses this name for her. I can now feel the different of both deliveries. I guess in future, I will opt for normal delivery. I’m now in good condition and recovery is definitely faster than caesarean.

An hour after delivery

Chloe getting ready to go home...

Daddy took a family picture, co-incidentally, the room is pink, I wear pink, Chloe wear pink and daddy too

We arrived home on 17 Dec. Alfred was a little afraid when he saw his little sister. He hides behind the cot. Slowly, he reached out his hand to touch his sister hair. After that moment, he comes to me, saying Baby. I said, she is Chloe, Alfred’s sister. She came out from mommy tummy. You remember? I could see the love Alfred show to her. He reaches out his hand touching her tinny face and smile back at me. Later, we allowed him to hugs Chloe and gave her a kiss. I love that moment. I’m now blessed with 2 wonderful kids.

My two wonderful kids

23 December, a week after Chloe was born, she had her follow up checkup as well as me. I pass the checkup but not for Chloe. Chloe had jaundice. Her jaundice level shot up to 255 which is consider high. She had to be admitted to the hospital that day. I’m so sad leaving her behind. She is only 7 days old. When I reach home, Alfred come to me and ask me, where is sister? I told him Chloe admitted to hospital. This little boy not satisfied with the answer, the question about Chloe continues till night time. The next morning, I went to the hospital. I’m glad that the jaundice level come down to 200. Chloe is discharge from the hospital. I hope the sun will shine everyday so that Chloe can have her sunbathing early in the morning. Sadly, today is rainy day.

Under the UV light.. poor Chloe

Confinement is will be a month. Which mean, I can only leave the house on 15 January 2010. Yes, I’m counting the day. On 14 February 2010 is Chinese New Year. I will have a month for shopping spree for Chinese New Year. I wonder how slim I could go.