Friday, February 13, 2009

Alfred Achievement

I guess this will be the longest post I’ve ever post. I’m too crazy on Alfred video and I want to share em' all. His impression, reaction, laughter and his smile really melt my heart.

Alfred Achievement
Pa Pa = Daddy (He even know how to called Daddy beside than pa pa)
Pak Pak = Uncle Ting Kok (KS Elder Brother)
Chang = Uncle Foon (KS brother in law)
Ku Ma = Aunty Mei Wei (KS Elder Sister)
Jie = Aunty Kah Wee (KS younger sister)
Suk suk = Uncle Kah Hin (KS younger brother)
Ko Ko = Hao Siang (Alfred Cousin Brother, Ting Kok Elder Son)
Di Di = Hao Khang (Alfred Cousin Brother, Ting Kok Younger Son)


ANIMAL : Duck, Bear, Pig, Dog, Bird

NATURE : Sky, Star

COLOR : Blue

FRUIT : Apple

BODY : Buttock, Leg


Bye Bye, Show No More, Stomach Full, Wash Face, Pee Ka Boo, Flying Kiss, Put back “things”, Show his teeth

NOTE : Do you notice Alfred doesn’t know how to called momme yet? I’m jealous, Daddy.

Here the video Alfred putting back his bottle caps.

Dancing with Chinese New Year Song
Let’s see how Alfred show his dance when the song played and how he reacts when the song ends.

Alfred favorite song is I’m Your by Jason Mraz. I’ve noticed that every time the song reach the chorus part, Alfred will sing it out loud, and of coz not words, just arr..arr..arr..arr. I just love it. I guess the word “I” starting the chorus make Alfred sing it out loud. I’ve compile 4 different version of the chorus parts. Do enjoy Alfred singing...

Well, as I mentioned earlier on the previous post, we bought a Driving Learning Toy for Alfred. We definitely make a right choice. You’ll notice how Alfred reacts to the toys. His reaction, his impression was momme favorite. He even asked me to dance along. That why the camera is a shaking. Sorry for poor recording.

Alfred, momme and daddy love you so much.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

We have a good Chinese New Year celebration this year. Spending time with Alfred for 10 days was countless moments. On New Year eve, we had our annual family reunion dinner. A family reunion dinner is a must before New Year. It is a family gathering in Chinese tradition. On the first day of Chinese New Year, we are giving out ang pow to children and singles. The red angpow symbolizes good luck. Definitely, Alfred is one of those happy little boy whom received ang pow. Alfred like the red color on the ang pow packet. He even know how to Gong Xi Gong Xi (hand gesture) before he take the ang pow which make his momme so proud. We, eventually spend the whole week of holiday visiting relatives and friends. By default, the time staying at home is so less and Alfred had been getting around too much causing him miss his afternoon nap, his meal schedule all ran out, getting to bed late night and getting up late early in the morning like daddy and mommy. We have already known that he will be a bad boy when he returned to his daily normal routine at grandma house. Chinese New Year finally ends yesterday. It was Chap Goh Mei, also known as Lantern Festival.

Here is the snapshoot of Alfred during CNY.

1st Day of CNY

At grandma & grandpa house

At uncle Ting Kok house

2nd Day of CNY, Home
3rd Day of CNY - Visit relative house, photograph with cousin, Reynard

I will post Alfred video on CNY soon. He is so cute with all his funny character.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Arrival of Little Khang

Good news!!! A new family member. Finally, after struggling nearly 11 hours at the labor room, my sister in law, Joey safely delivers a baby boy on 17 Jan 2009 at 3am in the morning. He is named Leong Hao Khang. Khang mean healthy in Chinese proverb. He looks exactly like his elder brother, Hao Siang. There are now Three Little Prince in Leong's Family.


Arrghh!! I so devasted!! My hard disk of 320GB crash cause me losing all my precious photo of Alfred. After checking up with the backup, I’m only saving photo of Alfred from his new born till Aug 08. Most of all his current picture, video, talking, all GONE!!!! Arrghhhh…I’m so sad!!! WHY???

Luckily I only download a few picture on early in the morning of 1st Day of Chinese New Year because my camera memory card full. Thank GOD!! I will have photo to post for Chinese New Year soon.