Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm admitted to hospital..

Things have not been better since KS leaving to China. Last week was Alfred not is so good condition. When he is okay, this week is mine and daddy turn.

Tuesday, after my breakfast, I feel uneasy. I thought maybe I been doing a lot of housework on the weekend make me feel a little bit tired. After lunch, I went to the bank and walked back. I thought it near but it wasn’t. It’s took me 20 minutes per walk. The pain from my abdomen is more frequent after I came back from the bank. It tinge with pain every 10 minutes. Immediately, I drove myself to hospital without thinking twice. Doctor came to my aid at the emergency. Scan my abdomen where I complaint about the pain, but nothing found. Initially, doctor suspected something to do with my pancreas or abdomen areas with stone or blood blockage. I was told to take a blood test and admitted. I’m given painkiller too but I think the painkiller doesn’t make any different as the pain isn’t going away. By the way, I feel better after an hour admitted and doctor came with the blood test. Blood test result is good and seem like I don’t have any problem. Doc can’t even describe why I had the pain. I was told to rest. My blood pressure, pulse and heart beat was taken every 4 hours. I have slightly fever during the night. Until the next morning, doctor came and my blood being taken again for a test and an ultrasound on my abdomen areas done. I feel less pain on the afternoon. Doctor came back in the evening with the ultrasound report and blood test, yet nothing was found. Doctor even checked baby condition and water fluid in my stomach is good. Everything is in order. At last, he prescribed that I might have muscle stiffness around my abdomen area or the baby kicking too hard till it I had the pains. Doctor also advice me to take extra care as I might be having early delivery. I was discharge yesterday evening. I went home and have a good sleep coz I didn’t sleep well during my stay at hospital. The best place is nothing like home. I’m feeling better today although I still feel pain on my stomach. I can’t walk much. I feel no pain when sit and sleep. I got MC for 2 more days.

On the other hand, I called up KS and told him I’m admitted. He told me he’s also running into fever and resting at home. What a coincident!! 2 of us fall sick at the same time. Worst when he called me again later in the evening, he is actually having chicken pox, also known as varicella. At the same time, he so concerned about me. He feels so bad he couldn’t help and care for me during the time I needed him. I feel bad too as well coz I can’t care for him either. Our family isn’t doing well lately. First, it strikes Alfred. Now, it is me and hubby. Today, he told me he cooked for himself for the very first time. He never cooked coz he never departs from his family. He feel proud and me too coz at least my hubby can cook. Let hope for a good things to come after this.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First week at home town..

It is not a good beginning since I was transfer back to my hometown. First, I have to deal with Alfred on and off fever. He started fever on Friday night. We went to child specialist on Saturday morning. He is better till Sunday. On Monday, his fever came back again. He is ok during the day but when the night fall, his fever reaches 39.1 Celsius. On Tuesday, we went to the child specialist again. I’m so afraid of dengue. I get my mother in law to have his urine taken at the morning so that we can bring to the doctor for analysis. I was shocked when the doctor told me that urine tested positive of diabetes. I’m almost fainted. Immediately, I took Alfred to the hospital for a blood test to confirm the doctor finding. Waited after ½ hour for the blood test, sugar level of Alfred is normal and the blood test was good. No signs of dengue and so called diabetes. I’m so relief. Doctor, you can’t trust them 100%. It just likes my Alfred pregnancy experience. Every time we asked the gynecologist about Alfred condition, he told us that our baby is normal. He didn’t even say anything about Alfred condition even after he was born. We discovered Alfred condition only when Alfred reached 4 months old, when he growing is not according to normal baby by the hospital.

My mother in law said I shouldn’t bring Alfred going home with me after I finished off work for a few days. She will look after Alfred during night time. So, for the past few day, Alfred is staying with his grandma and me too staying over at my in law house. Luckily, he fever is now gone. Otherwise, I will bring him for another blood test for dengue. That’s was my first week at hometown.

About my work, I was placed at the customer service department on front desk. The consequences are that you will get nasty scold from customer every day. I was given training only on the first day, the day after; I was left alone handling customer inquiries which I’m not yet familiar with. My new colleague, who suppose to train me wanted to hand over the job to me ASAP so that she could move on to the counter which lesser work. Well, of course I’m totally not happy about this. So, when those hard core customer came for inquires and I couldn’t answer them, well, you should able to imagine what happen next although you told them, I’m new, Sir. Kindly please proceed to the counter. Wow, you get those nasty scream after you say so. I’ve spoken to my executive that if possible, I wanted to be placed to other units but sadly, it was all taken up according to her. Seem likes there is nothing else I can do. I’m counting down my day. I don’t want to pressure myself as my baby is coming very soon. I don’t want to have a stress baby so I have to get cool in things that I do. I used to look forward to my working day, but I’m feeling reluctant to go to work nowadays.

Pregnancy updates

Baby is growing normally. According to the scanning, baby measurement is up to par with my pregnancy. Baby is now 35 weeks. I have another 4 more weeks to go. Daddy planned to come back after I deliver but it just a planning. It has to depend on his job on hand. If not, baby will have to wait until next year Chinese New Year, falls on 14 February to meet daddy. I’m so looking forward for baby arrival. Baby is very active because baby likes to kick me every second. I’m still able to cope up with the back and leg pains.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recent Updates....

Finally, I have time for blogging. For the past few weeks, it has been a hectic weeks. There is also a major change in our life. First of all, hubby got an offer to work in Su Zhou, China end of September for two years contract and he had to report to the new company this month, that is where he is now located. Earlier, he was still thinking 50/50 on accepting the offer because my EDD is so near and my transfer was yet to approve. After consideration, I get him to accept the offer. I know it will be tough for me handling the house alone with my two children later. I gave hubby my commitment and confidence that I can handle it alone. We had never departed since we know each other. My hearts feel so hard, so heavy when I see him leaving at the airport. I’ve been crying a lot for the last few days and I’m getting myself back today. On Monday, good news from HR approving my transfer overwhelming me although the condition of transfer is to downgrade 2 levels down from my current grade with no increment for the next grade upgrade. It a tough decision but I’m signing off the offer without thinking twice because nothing is more important than being with my little Alfred. I’ll be having a new lifestyle, no more honeymoon day for me. Previously, taking care Alfred is like part time job as I’m only a weekend mother. The responsibility is now different as I will have more time with Alfred after working hours which mean partially full time job. Haha!!

By the way, we does lot of activities for the past few weeks. Daddy spends a lot of time with Alfred. He told me sadly, he will miss his growing up for two years. Let see stuff we had done for the past weekends.

First outing at the park

We visited the park on a weekend for the very first time since Alfred started walking. We had never been to the park since Alfred is born. We bring along his walker so that he can walk faster and steadier. Oh my, I can’t imagine how he loves the park. He explores everything himself. We let him go where he likes to go and we spent almost 2 hours at the park just walking around. He wave bye to the strangers that pass by and those people didn’t even know us. We just figure out how friendly our son is. Ha! When he heard the birds sing, he shouted, “birds”. There’s a lake next to the park and when he saw the fish, then he shouted, “Fish”. He learns to talk a lot nowadays. I had captured a couple of pictures of him to share with everyone.

On the ground for the first time at the park

Happily walking next with daddy

Showing daddy the fishes in the pond
Sliding my way down!! Swinging..swing, swing, swing
Daddy and me

Reynard joining me!! He look happier than me


Having our snacks!!
Sliding again!!
I can climb up myself daddy!!
Watching over the pond
The look of ...It's about time to go home
Mommy promise to bring him here to the park again!!
Climbing up the staircase...
Going home... A kiss for daddy....


When dealing with sport, the safest sport for Alfred is swimming. So, before we decided to proceed to the swimming pool, we had bought Alfred a small tiny pool for him to learn before adapting to a real pool later. Grrrrr... Guess what we find out!! My little Alfred is fear with large pile of water. Yes, my Alfred is afraid of pool. I thought he should be having fun or thrilled when he sees the splash of pool but it turns out the opposite way. He scared when we put him inside the pool. He cried and wanted me to get him out from the pool. Even with the ring pool and daddy squeezes himself inside the small tiny pool, yet he doesn’t want to stay inside. Well, we have to try out again next time!!

Hhmm.. Why am I dress this way!!

It's look so scary!!

Daddy, I want to go out!! ... "crying"...

8 October 2009

Daddy and I both take a day off from work on Alfred birthday. We came back to our hometown, Seremban on Wednesday night and brought him home. He is dressed up with his new pajamas’ and that fit just his size.

Digging mommy drawer

See mommy, I found tissue!!

Alright, I pushing the chair away!!

Daddy asked him to put back those tissue he taken out!!

A pose for mommy!!

8 October 2009, Thursday, it’s Alfred Birthday. It’s a simple and relaxing day. He doesn’t know the meaning of birthday and look confused when we wish him Happy Birthday when he waked up in the morning. I had my baby checkup done on Alfred Birthday. Baby is in good health and growing normally. After the checkup, we went to the bank and opened an account for Alfred for his future use. After the banking stuff, we proceed to McDonald’s at Jusco Shopping Complex for lunch. Alfred had an ice cream and fries by his own. He loves these two snacks. We went home after the lunch and called it a day.