Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I secretly bought a Father’s Day card for behalf of Alfred for his wonderful father. But he doesn’t seem to be on the mood for a picture session and this is the best picture with the card.

We had a Father’s Day dinner at my mom house. My mom cooked us black pepper chicken chop and French fried for Alfred. My mom is a marvelous cooker but I’m a lousy one. After the dinner, Alfred demanded a walk guided by his father. And finally, a good picture with daddy at the end of the walk. Notice the shirt, it printed I love Dad. I’m been keeping it for some time but I still think it too big for Alfred. Exemption on Father’s Day, I allowed Alfred to wore the shirt and KS seem so happy with the shirt that Alfred is wearing. By the way, the t-shirt I got it free from Alfred diapers. 

Black pepper chicken chop

Frenchs Fried

Alfred love french fried

Walking with a smile

Daddy suppose to look at me, not mommy!!

Trying out my skill

A best photo of the night


Saturday, it was a busy day. Our schedule is so hectic and packs. Early in morning, when I’m preparing myself, daddy took a few picture of Alfred before we depart to Kuala Lumpur for Alfred quarterly check up. He loves to play at my grooming table and looking himself at the mirror. Every time he looks at the mirror, he smiled, do a funny face and kiss himself on the mirror. When he bored looking at the mirror, he demanded his books.

Exploring my stuff

Smiling at himself

And finally a kiss to himself

I want my cards and books

A Hungry Dragon, my favorite story

Alfred had his quarterly checkup with Dr. Choy at SDMC. Alfred is in a good health condition except for his unrecovered flu. His flu only comes once a while if the weather is too hot or in the evening. If the weather is cold or he’s in an air conditioning room, he would be fine. Dr. Choy introduces us 2 vaccinations Alfred should take. First vaccine is the flu vaccine and the second one is for pneumococcal disease. The flu vaccines contain noninfectious parts of killed viruses that merely alert the body to the threat of the virus. Flu vaccines are well tolerated and safe. The pneumococcal vaccine is to prevent infection of the lining of the brain or spinal cord (meningitis), blood infection (bacteramia), infections of lungs (pneumonia) and middle ear infection (otitis media). The vaccine is not in our plan but we hope the vaccine really help to reduce his flu. He feel so distraught to take the vaccine as I promise him earlier the doctor will only checking, nothing else. And, suddenly he had 2 vaccines to be taken. Lesson learns here is promise a child when meeting doctor is never. Alfred starts crying when I’m about taking off his trouser. He seems to know that he be in trouble. No doubt after meeting so many doctors, he gets afraid. He is crying as loud as he can even before the doc giving him the vaccine. There is a funny scenario is where immediately after the vaccine took place, the boy still crying and at the same time reaching for the Barney toy on the doctor desk. When we are about leaving the doctor room, Alfred waves good bye with a smile on his face and giving away flying kiss to the doctor. The room was filled with laughter.

He is pointing at the door, crying, "I want out!!"

1st Vaccine done

2nd vaccine done

Calming Little Alfred

Still crying but demanding for Barney toy

I and my hubby like Japanese foods very much. We decided to stop by lunch at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Complex and had our lunch at Sushi King. Alfred enjoys himself very much with the plate and the sushi cover. He doesn’t take much food but spend more time playing with the fork, plate and the cover. After the lunch, we wandered around the shopping complex and I can’t stop myself of buying a cloth for Alfred.

Happily getting what he want

Busy with the fork

Showing off his skills

With the sushi cover, he pilling up

He actually dragging the fork on the cushion seat

His reaction when he drop the fork

Picking it up again

Smiling as he successful take the fork

Trying to stand by his own, "pls look at his face"

Still trying

Finally, he got up, and of course I must stop capturing his photo

When we reach home, we take a rest at grandma house because we had 2 more events to go for the day. We had a 2 birthday party on a same day. First house is my schoolmate, Siew Wui and her daughter, Sim Yi is having her 2 years old birthday party. We just hang around for an hour. Alfred was still not getting used with Siew Wui family. He is not friendly at all. We trying to take a good shot out of them but the mission failed. Either Alfred is afraid my Siew Wui husband or Sim Yi afraid of my husband. The 2 father is so scary to them.

Sim Yi, the Birthday Girl

Crying Alfred with Shy Sim Yi

We proceed to my brother house for the 2nd event of the night and it’s the last event. My brother is having a BBQ party conjunction with his birthday which falls on 21 July and celebrating father’s day too. KS love BBQ a lot and I crown him the King of BBQ. While I’m entertaining Alfred in the living hall, I took a few picture of him playing with my niece toy. He loves the toy house so much and he can hang around with the house for a long time.

Playing by himself, "no disturb please"

Successful getting the key of the door

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bad Mosquitoes!!

Yesterday, I went home to see Alfred. My poor boy was bitten by mosquitoes 4 times on the face. Due to itchiness, he scratches his face and this is how it becomes. Grandma said at first it only redness, the next morning, the marks seem swollen because Alfred scratches on it. Oh ooo… no more cute face for Alfred!!

2 bite on the forehead, 1 on the chin and 1 on the neck

When we reach our home, we are getting ourself and Alfred to cleanup but Alfred demanded a walk. He loves us guide him walking and even sometimes he runs. He fall in love in walking but poor daddy and mommy have to bend for him. Whatever it takes, it is worth!!

Knock on the head!!

It stated clearly above, last Saturday, Alfred fall and hit the coffee table. Thanks to daddy for that compliment because he let go Alfred hand while he is guiding him for walking. I don’t blame daddy for this as he is just trying to build confident on walking by his own by letting go. It’s just an accident as prescribed by grandma.

Can you the see the bump on his head?

Looking at his daddy wishing for another walk

Finally, successful get daddy to play football with him

I did as advised by Anthea, I tried put him on a chair so that he can try walked by himself. It’s seem doesn’t work for Alfred too. I guess he need more time to build confident in walking by himself.

He cried as soon as I put him standing on the chair

He prefer to play like this

B for Barney..his fav show

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sitting Up and Moving Around

For the past 2 weeks, we see improvement on Alfred mobility to move around. He is able to sit up by his own and he likes to move on a sitting way. He is able to walk if he is holding to stuff like sofa. He hasn’t had the confidence to walk by his own yet. We got limited time to train him walking confidently but we’ll try out every weekend till he’s able to walk alone with confident. I certainly am hoping for that day to come.

Let see from the video how he getting up and clap his hand and move around in a sitting way.