Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A History Day

Saturday, we called it a History Day of Alfred. While I was watching TV at my in law house, Alfred was enjoying himself playing with the Harry Potter DVD. He keeps on babble Bbb, bbb, bbb (that words stand for Barney) and I just let him obsess with it. After some time, I saw him pushing the chair. Then he tried stand next to the blue chair. I took out my HP predicting something will happen. I hate when I don’t carry my camera around. He fall on the first trial, I told him its okay. On the 2nd trial, he push and walk along with the chair and he discovered the fun. He smiles back at me when he stops. He happy with what he is doing and of course I’m extremely over joy with his action. I yelled at daddy to come and see what Alfred doing. Daddy took out Alfred walker and see his response. Well, daddy laughs hysterically when he saw Alfred is WALKING with the walker. We wish to see him walking when he reach 2 on October. Another 2 more months to go.

I combined a few slide of the video into two parts. Let see his actions. Alfred History's Day.

The first trial...

The second attempt... wonderful outcome..but with a little blur video..

Last but not least, I hate myself because I couldn't records it with better equipment. How nice it is if I bring along my camera. It would a better quality than my HP... but we still love this video very much.

Monday, July 27, 2009

16 weeks coming 17 weeks

I can't wait to share this earlier but with the workload and the continuous audit at my office really pull me back from blogging for the past 2 weeks. Another reason was I was disheartened to hear bad news from friends around me whom miscarriages their baby make me feel horrible to share at those moments.
I’m 16 weeks pregnant coming 17 weeks and Alfred soon will be having a sibling to play with. We been planning to have our second baby at this time. I’m so excited when I found out I’m pregnant because the first pregnancy almost take me a year to conceive. I thought it would be the same with the second one but it’s not.

The different of this pregnancy is my tummy grows much bigger than the time having Alfred. My tummy began to show when my baby reach 2 months old. The worst pregnancy symptoms I have to deal a lot with throws up and pretty much easy to get hungry. I had my checkup on last 2 weeks and it went out pretty well. Doctor recommended I take a blood test and the result will be notified next prenatal visit. Next month I will have a detail scan on baby. My EDD will be on Christmas Eve. Yes, it on 24th of December. A photo shot of my christmas baby!!

I currently working in a city of Kuala Lumpur and I’ve been applying for a transfer back to my hometown, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. I have been eyeing for the post of secretary at my hometown since year ago after I gave birth to Alfred. I’m afraid I will not be able to get the post because someone will be posted there due to her condition is more critical than mine. I’m been offered as clerk if I really want the transfer. Well, I just keep my thought of getting down to work as a clerk will be a lot of easier and freer time for me but no doubt, I like being a secretary. No matter how much I like the job, I am more concern on getting back so that I can take care my little Alfred. Being with him is much greater than anything else in this world.

The baby will be taking care by my mom in law too after birth and I have 2 months maternity leave to be with my baby and Alfred. I’m so proud of having my mom in law in my life. She is so understanding, kind and hardworking. She doesn’t want us to send away our baby to be taking care by nanny. Grrrrhh..grandma will have more pressure later as she will be taking care 4 grandchildren soon. Right now, she is handling three PRINCEs in our family of the age 3 (Hao Xiang) had been getting to pre-school, 1 ¾ (Alfred) and 6 months old ( Hao Khang). I wish my transfer back to my hometown will lessen the burden of my in law and I pray that my transfer will be succesful.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A funny weekend

We had a funny weekend last Saturday. We stayed up all day at home after breakfast at my mom place. Alfred is totally obsessed with balls. No matter a big or small size of the ball will able to entertain him. We had a funny video of Alfred playing a tiny ball with his daddy. He love the act of "yo!yo!yo!" everytime he played with us. By the way, in the video, please ignore my horrible voice and sorry for my hysterical laugh.