Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 weeks..

I have no time for my own, no time for surfing, no time for blogging and I look terrible. All the time I had is just entertaining Alfred and Chloe. Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I will be busier soon. I manage to done some shopping for my family clothing for CNY earlier and I need more shopping later for the house. I just realize being a fulltime mom is really challenging. I really have to learn to manage my time and learn lots of parenting skills. Managing Alfred is no kidding. I can see all type character and cranky attitude he is showing up. Sometime those smirking face really annoy me but sometime those faces is too funny making hard to angry at him. I’m glad to be home and watch Alfred and Chloe growing up. Today, I manage to come up with 3 posts.

Destini, finally I have time to put up Chloe post about her sleeping style.

A Stretchable Body???

You could see how stretchable Alfred body can be when he is getting down from the chair. Climbing up and down is the most favorite activity for Alfred now. This video is his 2nd attempt on climbing the chair. I asked him to show me for the 2nd time. Alfred showed me this...

ENT Checkup

Alfred had his ENT checkup last week. Well, the result was not that good. Doc said his adenoid size is rather big. Alfred needs to be monitor for another 10 days. He was given flu medicine, Adezio and Oxy-nase, paediatric nasal spray to control his flu. Doc recommended that an operation might be needed when he reach 3 years old to remove his adenoids if his condition does not better. I’m afraid Alfred has speaking problem coz he can’t pronounce words properly. Doc said his tongue is short. He will need a small operation later and can be done together with the adenoids surgery. We will get back to ENT next week. Chloe had her checkup on the same day too. She is now weight 4.4kg and length 54cm. Her growing is up to par to the baby chart.

The way she sleeps...

I just love it. Her sleeping style looks exactly like Alfred. She cross her leg at only 2 weeks old, Alfred too likes to cross his legs when he sleeps. She doesn’t like to be wrapped up like a cocoon, she likes to get her hand free and move whenever she like. When I put her on a pillow, within a few minutes, her head will slide down getting off the pillow, just like Alfred. When she feels cool, she knows to cover her face with her hands. When Alfred was a baby, he is easier to take care but with Chloe, she’s a little bit cranky. I have problem with her sleeping pattern. Chloe treat her day like night and night like day. She slept quietly during day but at night, she awake almost the whole night. For the past first 2 weeks, I have been lack of sleep and tired. It’s had been better lately. I manage changed her sleeping time back to normal. What I did was just close all the light in the room and leave on a very dim light at night. Now, I could have more rest time during night. Hope this will last longer.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 2009

Few days before I deliver, we went to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate early Christmas. We walk around Pavilion Shopping Complex with many beautiful Christmas tree before we proceed to our early Christmas dinner at Shogun Japanese Restaurant. I’ve captured many of Alfred photo and I think this is the best of all. I just realize that my boy had grown up so much.

Looking at the big Christmas trees

The only photo that sit still

A big lollypop for me, mommy?

Afraid of Santa Claus.. crying terribly

With grandma, uncle Foon, aunty Mei Wei & aunty Kar Wei

A big Christmas Tree at the Pavillion Entrance