Thursday, January 28, 2010

ENT Checkup

Alfred had his ENT checkup last week. Well, the result was not that good. Doc said his adenoid size is rather big. Alfred needs to be monitor for another 10 days. He was given flu medicine, Adezio and Oxy-nase, paediatric nasal spray to control his flu. Doc recommended that an operation might be needed when he reach 3 years old to remove his adenoids if his condition does not better. I’m afraid Alfred has speaking problem coz he can’t pronounce words properly. Doc said his tongue is short. He will need a small operation later and can be done together with the adenoids surgery. We will get back to ENT next week. Chloe had her checkup on the same day too. She is now weight 4.4kg and length 54cm. Her growing is up to par to the baby chart.

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Greene Family said...

I'm sorry to hear that Alfred's ENT appointment did not go so well. I hope he feels better soon! Please keep us posted on whether or not he'll need surgery. I know several kids that have been able to breathe much better after having their adenoids removed. I hope all goes well with Alfred's next appointment!
It sounds like Chloe is doing great! I forgot to mention on her sleeping post that I can't believe how much hair she has - beautiful!