Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tough Weekends

How can I describe last weekend? I find out that Alfred had a totally different character. Daddy was outstation last weekend and returned on Sunday morning. He is more obeying to his father instruction rather than mine. Maybe daddy is more fierce and scary when he is angry and he knows who is ruling. Mommy is lesser scary or just easy to be bully. He had been so demanding and cranky. When you don’t give him things that he wanted, he will respond with gestures like beating himself or he beat me. Otherwise, he will do the kicking on the floor showing off protests. Of course the beating doesn’t hurt me but its hurt me deep inside my heart. How come he can behave like that? He even does this in between when he is awaked half way through the night. On Sunday, it even worst. He usually took a nap on the afternoon for about 2 to 3 hours. Last Sunday, he woke up after an hour nap, crying without knowing the reason. I hug him up and asked him why, he responds with beating me and crying more loudly. I bring him to the living room, he stop a while and continue crying after that. Again, I went back to the bedroom, yet still crying. Daddy goes away from the nap and I bring him back to the living room. Later, he stopped crying after daddy heading to wash his car. Seem like he enjoy seeing his daddy splashing the car with water.

What is happening?

If only I can have more time with him, things will get easier, I presume. No doubt being with Alfred just 2 days in a week that keeping him away from my sight showed that he needs an extra instant attention from us. Somehow rather, I’m a bit concerns that he learned this behaviors from the eldest cousin which I see much often doing the same gestures. I can’t blame the child either as they are just toddlers. Hopefully, my transfer back to my hometown soon will be able to help me brought up Alfred in better manners. Spending more time with Alfred daily might help to ease away the bad attitude. Well, after the transfer, I pity daddy have to stay alone in KL. I guess daddy will cope up with it, right?

I got this look when I say, NO!!

Lately, he like to put his hand in his mouth

Looking close to my camera when I'm trying to capture him

Wonder what he is looking at?

Yes, he just like to play with the sliding glass of the cabinet and he thinks the little teddy is scary, those are my teddy collections when I'm a teenager

After mommy played with it that build his confidence on holding on the little teddy

Putting teddy back to teddy place

On Sunday night, after a dinner with family, walking around the car pouch pointing wanted to go out, guess he not even scared of dark

Look at him!! Proudly showing off!!

After walking around, still looking out

Well, mommy thinks it time to go in..

Cranky look!! This what happen when we got in

I persuaded him to go find daddy in the room, he look so happy when we praise him walking by himself

The 2 mans that fill my heart with love

Happily sitting next to daddy

With his playmate everyday..little Khang!

Showing his love to Cousin Brother, Siang!

When I told him it's time for bathing!! He love water!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Today, 13th August 2009 is our 5th year wedding anniversary. Nine years ago, it was during my college time and I was having my industrial training at his ex-company, the place where I met him. Four years later after knowing and understand each other, we decided to tie our knot. KS is five years older than me. He is a funny, caring, responsible and understanding guy. He make my life so wonderful and therefore he beautifully coloured my life with laughter, love and joy as well as presented me with Alfred and my little baby arrival soon on December this year. Throughout this many years, we struggle and manage a lot of things together and those moments bond our marriage and love each other stronger from day to day.

Before the wedding dinner ceremony started
The drunken master and the mistress

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Come On!! Look!!

Alfred is walking. Yes, he took a few steps last week. ALONE!! Oh!! We were overwhelming with his achievement. For the past 2 weekends, we notice that he started to love the walker. He even knows how to make a turn or make a reserved for the walker for him to walk further. Then, we try out walking without the walker and he makes it. Yeah for Alfred!! Let see from his 2 cute video!! He's smilling all the way. I guess he feel proud of himself too. I am so happy and this is the best gift EVER.

Can you see how he turn the wheel? He still my little monster who love Barney very much. He called Barney, "Aaaa BBBBB...". I love the way he say it. Nonetheless, his pouty lips make his mommy melt. How could you resist this cuteness?

The first few step ALONE... the best GIFT EVER... Look at his smilling face!!
Daddy and Mommy love you so much Alfred!!