Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chinese New Year is coming!!

We are celebrating Chinese New Year and it’s coming in a week time. Lately, I am busy and crazy shopping, cleaning up the house and nevertheless, shop for Alfred CNY clothing. I've been lacking on updating Alfred blog because I spend too much time on shopping. Me being such bad momme. Well, a little update on shopping, I bought Alfred more on rompers rather than 2 pieces suit. I prefer him to wear rompers because I felt that it is more comfortable for him. We have this problem where when people carry Alfred, these 2 piece suit will rip off exposing his tummy and his pampers which doesn’t look nice at all. Agreeable? I'll post of all his new year cloths later when he wear it.

Alfred love to play with the steering wheel of our car. Daddy spoiled Alfred too much. Every time before we are ready to go on the car, daddy will let Alfred play the car steering. Sometimes, he didn’t even want to let go the steering. There is one weekend, we brought Alfred to Children Amusement Park in Jusco Supermarket and let him ride on one of the police car. Gosh!! He love it so much. Last week, while I’m shopping for clothing, I went pass the toy department and saw this learn and discover driver toy. I show it to KS and we bought it for Alfred. I’m sure Alfred will love it.

With his COOL face before he start his engine

When the engine started, he follow and sound AHHHHHH...BOOOOOMMMMM!!!

New Year Party & Family Trips

We had a new year BBQ party at my mom house. My younger brother invited few of his friends as well as my friends to come over to the BBQ party. Usually, Alfred will end up sleeping around 830pm but on the New Year eve, he is marvelous. He stayed up to 1am before he start sulky for sleep. He enjoys the party as we do. Alfred like to point at the things he wanted. If you ignore him, he will repeat the same action till he gets the food. Overall, he had eight teeth now. He chews things well and he LOVE to eat like his daddy and momme. Hahaha!!!
At 1130pm

Grandma (Pohpoh) with Alfred

Pointing at the nugget!! Alfred, you can't have that one!!

Momme gave me cucumber instead of nugget

But, I still like it...


On New Year, we had a trip to Melaka again. This is a Big Family Trip consist of almost the whole family of Leong’s expect for Kah Hin because he had his personal appointment elsewhere.

FOOD!!! We love to eat. In fact, our whole families love to eat. We love variety of food and the unique taste of every food. We scheduled our 1st food station at an old tiny shop next to the Melaka Riverside. We tried out the Rojak Melaka, cendols and Laksa Melaka. The cendols and Laksa Melaka is ok but the Rojak Melaka taste was not that good. Maybe, our taste is different. Then, we proceed to the 2nd food station at Jonker Street, the same shop we’ve been the previous time. I still prefer the Assam Laksa dan the cendol durian here. After the 2nd station, we went shopping at Melaka Parade. The Christmas Decoration is still here. We snap a few photos but the results was not that good. We spend 2 hours shopping and later we went to Bernard and Winnie house which nearby the town. Later Bernard took us for dinner, which is our 3rd food station, Nyonya Restaurant. We ordered Brinjal cooked with prawn, cencalok fried eggs, nyonya style curry chicken, otak-otak and home made tauhu. We ordered all dished in a small portion because we have decided to go for our 4th food station, Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) at Mumbai. Instead of just fish, we ordered seafood such as grilled clam, grilled cockle, deep fried squid and etc. We went home around 11pm and we went home with bloated stomach.

Melaka Town
I'm reading the map mom!!

Grandpa (YehYeh) hugging me around

Grandma (MahMah) with Uncle Ting Kok (PakPak)