Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hang Out at Mcdonalds

Last weekend, daddy and momme bring me to Giant Hypermarket to buy my favorite cheese slice and prune juice. We also went to MPH Bookstore to buy book for me. Momme said I need extra book like shape and colour. Later, we drop by Mcdonalds for an evening snack. Yahooo!! It is my first time to Mcdonalds with Daddy and Momme. Well, I looked around those weird faces who is staring at me. Nevertheless, I'm patiently waiting for momme to come back with the foods. Woahh!! I love french fries. Momme gave me taste some sundae and yuck, I don't like it. It's was so cold. Arrghh, I totally rejected. Momme is happy when I don't like ice creams. Silly momme huh?? I just want the whole pack of french fries. Overall, it was a good evening snack though. Here are some of my cool pictures.

Patiently waiting for the food to come

Ohh, I love French Fries!!

Mmm..should I take?

Daddy, can I take french fries myself?

Momme, can I take my own french fries?

Yeah!! Permission granted!! Haha!!

Ohh, it taste good!!

I'm must chew...momme always warned me

Mmm...Yum Yummy!!

Figure out myself how am I going to put the balance into the mouth??

Solution, I finally did, yeah!!

Good Evening Snack, I'm so satify!! Haha!!

Uncle Kah Hin Birthday

This post supposedly to be on the blog on 13 December but due to my time constraints, I wasn’t able to post it. In this month, I spend a lot of time back at hometown with Alfred and I don’t have the internet access to blogging. I’m totally out. I want this post to be posted because this is the first time Alfred demand food from me when he saw me bites fried chicken wings. Apart from it, it is Kah Hin 21st Birthday Party and also a family gathering. Kah Hin is my husband younger brother. The buffet dinner was cooked by my mom in law while we just help out the cutting vegetables and fruits. My mom in law is really awesome. She does all by herself, the cooking, cleaning, washing, babysitting two of her precious grandson and the list goes on. Sometimes, my father in law will help out to ease out her burden. I’m grateful to have a super duper great mom in law. I posted a few photos of Alfred grabs my fried chicken wing and other family members. Previously, he actually eating fried wanton.

Here Go Alfred!!

Succesfully grab momme fried chicken wing

Let me taste first!!


Momme, I try to finish up the chicken wing like you do!!

Mmmm...I don't want my porridge anymore

Momme, I looked ugly and dirty now, can we go clean up?

The Leong's Family, Hmm, Let me introduce :
Standing From Left : Small Aunty Kah Wee, Momme, Daddy, Me, Small Uncle Kah Hin, Big Aunty Mei Wei and Uncle Foon
Sitting From Left : Hao Siang (cousin bro),Grandma, Grandpa, Big Uncle Ting Kok and Aunty Joey

Ok, Daddy!! I'm ready for silly shot!! Arrghhh!!

Picture with Grandma & Cousin Bro Hao Siang

Tu tu tu!! Playing with Big Uncle Ting Kok

With my beautiful lovely Big Aunty Mei Wei

My dearest Momme

Small Uncle Kah Hin 21st Birthday Cake, Yum Yum Yummy!!

Happy Birthday Small Uncle Kah Hin!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Early in the morning on Christmas Day, we planned to visit Christmas in KL at late afternoon. The environment of Christmas in KL is very much decorated with Christmas tree and beautiful lights. We go as family trips with grandma, grandpa, elder sister of my husband, Mei Wei, her husband Foon and younger sister, Kah Wee. We went to The Curve at Damansara. We took our early dinner there and later proceed to the center of the Curve where all the Christmas tree decorated. The view is spectacular. We snap a few pictures before we left to Ara Damansara, NiuZeXui , a new place in KL. We didn’t stay there for too long as Alfred grumble for sleeping. We went home around 11pm. It was a good family trips.

Alfred with GrandPa & GrandMa

20 December 2008 Alfred Bad Day

I was washing dishes while Alfred enjoy his time with his daddy outside my in law house. Half way through, I heard Alfred crying loudly. Thus, I ran out and saw Alfred head wounded covered with little blood. I asked my husband what happened, he told me Alfred falls off from bicycle. I was so angry. This shouldn’t be happening. I know, Alfred enjoy ride on bicycle but he is still not strong to enough to be sitting by his own. Daddy didn’t let Alfred sitting without holding him, it just the cornering actions makes Alfred falls and Daddy didn’t hold him tightly. Whatever it is, I calmed Alfred down, washed his wound and apply medicine. I walked him around and he is back with his happy face. Well, daddy feel guilty today. He learned a lesson today and he promise will never let Alfred ride on bicycle till he is able to ride by his own.

Alfred riding on his own for 15 seconds

Alfred wounds

I plaster Alfred wound to stop from bleeding.