Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alfred's Birthday Dinner

Whee!! We had a blast last weekend. We had an early birthday celebration dinner for Alfred as his birthday falls on weekday which is this Thursday, 8 October. We invited only family member and few of our close friends.

On Saturday, we start out our day having breakfast at my mom stall. Later, we move to KS mom house in order for daddy to clean up his aquarium at his old home. While daddy is busy with his pets, I decided to give Alfred a haircut as he is too afraid to get the haircut from hairdresser. Well, the results turn out to be extremely poor and here is the haircut before and after from a mother that spoiled her son good looking hair. At last, I have to get him to the hairdresser so that he could be looking a little bit better tonight and I hate that coz I can predict what’s going to happen next. Guess what; the whole session of the haircut, he cried so poorly. Meanwhile, daddy gets his haircut too.

His original hair before I get it trimmed..

After I trimmed his hair, it's look awful

This is the look after the haircut from salon.. mm..much better I guess..

Daddy and Alfred had their haircut done together

Later, when the night arrived, I bath up Alfred and put him on his birthday wear which I bought nearly 2 months ago. So, I just love red. He looks good in red colours. We arrived just in time at the restaurant and in a minute, all family member and friends arrived. We had our dinner by 8pm and later after we finished, we were going back home for cake cutting and opening presents time. Alfred got “ang pow”, which mean red envelope that are considered extremely auspicious to receive as a gift and they contain money. They are commonly used for Chinese New Year, weddings, birthdays or any other important event. Alfred got ang pow from all of our family member and friends but mommy bought Alfred two birthday present. Daddy said I spoiled Alfred too much!!

I bought him a BARNEY and a 2 in one walker where he can ride and walk with it. Since my boy loves Barney so much, he totally ignores the rest of the present. Although Alfred had only two gift.

After all the cutting cake and opening present, it is time to celebrate Mooncake and Lantern Festival. We went out to our car porch and light up the porch with entire candle. Alfred got 2 electronic lanterns. He will get a traditional lantern when he grow older because it have to be light with up with candle.

Whee!! Waiting for everyone ..

Ang Pow from Grandma and Auntie Ellicia

My Birthday Cake from Daddy

Alfred's Family Photo

Mommy Best Friends, Qlly and Families

Daddy and Mommy Best Friends, Auntie Winnie, missing Uncle Ben coz he had to work

My Family's

Cutting my birthday cake and grandpa help on!!

I love the cake that Daddy bought..yummy!! Finger lickin good!! Hehe..

Little helper opening Alfred present..

Mommy helping me opened my present..

BARNEY.. I love You, You love Me..

Sharing my birthday present...

My new bike @ walker

I can't let go my barney & he is going to stay with me all the time..

Brotherhood pictures??!! Mommy, it's not going to work..

It's too heavy for me to hold..

Candle.. whhooohhh!!

mmm..which one? smaller one better, just like me..

Alfred with his MoonCake requesting mommy to OPEN

Mommy gave me a plastic knife instead to cut the mooncake..
He is turning two tomorrow. How times has flies. 2 months ago, he’s still struggle to walk and now he can’t stop walking around. I just love with the way he walks with his own personality. Well, I couldn’t ask for more, I just hope that he stays healthy as he grows.