Thursday, May 14, 2009


We called up Alfred using 3G on Tuesday night and to my surprise, I saw Alfred right eye swollen. I ask my MIL, she said it was bitten by mosquitoes. When we hang up, I told KS, I’m going home tomorrow.

Yesterday, we went home straight after work. The first reaction when Alfred saw me, he pointing at his face with his pouty lips saying “pain, pain”. That my boy, complaining. I notice not only the eye lids were bitten by “red DEVIL ant” actually and not mosquitoes as described by my MIL through the phone, but the neck and ring finger of his right hand was bitten also. Poor boy! My heart was crying badly when I saw Alfred. Let the picture do the talking of how bad his face was really like.

Did you notice his neck is also swollen?

I did post up 3 other post down here. I feel bad of late updating. Just can't find the right time for updating. Poor time management!!!

Here the 3 post below :

Grandma's Birthday & Mother's Day
My Birthday
Rattan Chair

Thanks for staying up with me.

Grandma's Birthday & Mother's Day

According to Chinese calendar, my mother in law birthday fall on Wesak Day. That was a day before Mother’s Day. So, we celebrated Mother’s Day together with my MIL birthday. My sister in law bought MIL a cake. We sang birthday song and we took a family picture. The next day, we went out for dinner.

Alfred, Grandma and Hao Siang (cousin bro)

As for me on Mother’s Day, I got a lovely mother cards from Alfred. I was actually just finished bathing and when I reached my room, Alfred is holding a card. Daddy asks him to handover the card to mommy and he did. But later, when we look at the card together, he bites the card. Hahahaha!! What you expect from a 1 ½ years old boy, even the handwriting of the cards belongs to daddy and hand prints belong to Alfred. I love you, both of you very much. That’s was my first mother celebration.

Holding the card proudly

Prove HE bite the card

Mommy Love You, Alfred

My Birthday..

I do not celebrate my birthday like I used to celebrate year before. I used to go out for a luxury dinner with my hubs, we went shopping or travel. But, this year I just wanted to spend a lovely day with Alfred and KS. I took a day off from work which is actually two days as the earlier day, Alfred was schedule for checkup. We spend time sleeping, take our leisure time for breakfast, went back to my in law house where Alfred took a nap. I and hubs went out for lunch while Alfred was sleeping. Later we had our dinner at my in law house. We went shopping after the dinner and KS bought me a skin care range as my birthday present which I love it so much. When we on our way home, the time had reach 10pm and most of the shop had closed. Just the tiny cake shop was left with one customer. To my surprise, KS stop at that shop, begging the cashier to let him buy a cake for me. I ask him how he persuades the cashier, he said, “Can I be your last customer please, today is my lovely wife birthday and I haven’t bought her a cake.” That melts me down!! That’s was actually the best birthday gift.

Rattan Chair

We bought Alfred a rattan chair to associate with his new seat. It’s just small enough to fit in Alfred custom seat.

We just had Alfred checkup last week after a month trying on the seat and I can see improvement on Alfred. At least he is sitting upright and not like he used to sit in a bending way. The visit turn out good and we only need to return to the clinic after 3 months to see more result. I can say that Alfred growing is little bit left behind from the achon chart. He is now know how to stand by himself holding on, sit up on his own, walks a little with help and he wanted to get down the bed by his own knowing the bed height is actually higher than him, yet he still trying to get down although he fall once. That’s BOY!!