Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alfred 1st hearing test

Today we bring Alfred for his hearing test. The test only can be done when he is sleeping. So, Alfred have to be given sleeping medicine to make him sleep. My heart feel dislike of Alfred taking sleeping medicine but doctor say it don't have any side effect on the child because the dose is very light. Alfred will be sleeping only for an hour. So, we agreed. Below is the picture when the test is taken.

The test failed. We have to bring Alfred to come for another test. And we hope the next test will be successful.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Day Alfred Diagnosis With Achondroplasia

Alfred had his routine monthly checkup just like other babies in Malaysia does. I send Alfred for monthly checkup at government hospital on the early days when he was a month old. As told by my in-law, the government services have been improved and we could save up by avoiding going private which the bill will be costly. At that time, we thought it would be ok since KS brother son whom also does his monthly routine checkup there getting no hassle. Alfred was not diagnosed yet with achon, so we agreed. At Alfred first time checkup, it was done by nurses who checked him thoroughly from his head till his toe. I thought it would be good. At the last stage, Alfred was checked by a doctor who declared Alfred is in good health. In our country, baby monthly checkup was done by nurses in government hospital. They only referred to doctor when they noticed the baby grow development is not in sequent. His development is rather slow compare to other babies and he is far away behind the scale of normal baby growth. When Alfred was 4 months old, he was referred to pediatric doctor. Doctor Vimal, who treated Alfred at that time, told us that she wanted to do an x-ray for Alfred because he was showing the signs of dwarfism. We were stunned. After an x-ray was done, Doctor Vimal announce Alfred was confirmed having Achondroplasia. We were speechless, what is Achondroplasia? She started to elaborate on the result of the x-ray and his physical appearance. Alfred hands are short with stubby fingers and a separation between the middle and ring fingers. His feet are generally short, broad and flat. His head is larger than normal babies. She showed us a picture of an achondroplasia child and Alfred had the similar features. My tears began to drop. I was so heartbroken. He means the whole world to me. Dr. Vimal drag my back to the room, she comfort us by telling us there is cases like Alfred in Malaysia. Alfred might have complication and might not have them. She didn’t mention much about Alfred condition and I know I will have to find more information later. Alfred will be monitored once every 3 months. Other than x-ray, no other tests have been taken on him.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meet the Leong's Family

Welcome to the Leong Family’s.
It’s had taken me some time to start this blog. The first step is always the hardest step. Finally, here I am, sharing our moments of everyday life about our family and our son, Alfred, who has been diagnosed with achondroplasia when he was 4 months old.

KS and I register for marriage in 2004 and our wedding ceremony was held on 8 October 2005. Alfred was born exactly on 8 October 2007 through C-Section. 8 October is Alfred expected due date and we were amazed when the doctor pointed out this date on our first checkup. I went to my final checkup 2 days before Alfred due date. My doctor said I should opt for C-section because I feel Alfred movement had been slowing lately and I don’t feel any contraction. So, we decided to go ahead on the expected due date.

I wakeup very early in the morning, bathe and washed my hair. Gosh!! I can’t wash my hair during the confinement month which usually took up to 1 month. We, chinese believe that if we wash our hair during the confinement, we will have headache, wind and it will affect our health later in life. Maybe, there is logic behind these believe. I have to follow those rules. I’m so excited when I reach the hospital. My mind wondered whether he is going to look like mommy or like daddy. Oh, how am I going to picture that? Here goes the operation room, all the nurses and doctor around doing their jobs, but my doc was no where to been seen. I lye down after the injection and my lower body became numb. I can’t feel anything. I uttered “huh”, and there my doctor showed his face. Here comes the funny part, doc asked, you ok? I answered, yes, oh doc, you’ve arrived? He said, oh yes, I’m in the middle of taking him out. Deep in my heart, I scream, WHAT!! The feels of nervous, forces of pushing and the next things, Alfred voice, crying. When the doctor showed him to me, oh my baby, he looked like his daddy. I cried. I’m a proud mommy as I gave birth to a lovely baby. After the operation, I was returned to a room and requested to see Alfred. Sadly, the nurse told me that Alfred must stay in the nursery room for 6 hours before they could bring him to me. KS make a trip to the nursery room and snap a few picture of Alfred. Within 10 mins, KS came back to me with Alfred pictures. I knock off after seeing Alfred picture. When I wake up, the nurse bring Alfred to me. When he was handed to me, I hugged and kiss him, oh, I miss that moment. The nurse came with the baby doctor. Doc told us that Alfred hands and legs are shorter. Doc advised us to pay more attention on monitoring his head is not bulging and no fever. At that time, we thought it just a normal advised for new parents. We stay a night at the hospital and went home with little Alfred the next day.

Alfred Pictures captured by his daddy.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MoMenTs of Alfred...