Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 weeks..

I have no time for my own, no time for surfing, no time for blogging and I look terrible. All the time I had is just entertaining Alfred and Chloe. Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I will be busier soon. I manage to done some shopping for my family clothing for CNY earlier and I need more shopping later for the house. I just realize being a fulltime mom is really challenging. I really have to learn to manage my time and learn lots of parenting skills. Managing Alfred is no kidding. I can see all type character and cranky attitude he is showing up. Sometime those smirking face really annoy me but sometime those faces is too funny making hard to angry at him. I’m glad to be home and watch Alfred and Chloe growing up. Today, I manage to come up with 3 posts.

Destini, finally I have time to put up Chloe post about her sleeping style.


Greene Family said...

Enjoy your time entertaining Alfred and Chloe! I'm sure that they are loving this time with you at home! I can only imagine the adjustment it is for you though caring for two little ones while KS is away working. Good luck working out your schedule so that you can fit in some "me" time! Alfred is such a cutie - I bet it is tough to be angry when he's making those smirking faces!

Kim said...

It must be hard taking care of two! I have a hard time taking care of one! I love the new video of Alfred climbing up and down off the chair. I love their bendable bodies. The adenoid surgery is very typical for achons. The pronunciation problem is very typical too due to the large tongue size in a smaller jawed mouth.
Chole is just precious. How cute that she sleeps just like her brother. Adorable!

Destini said...

Thanks for the pictures and video - I had been waiting patiently on them! It is tough to take care of two, especially with a little boy getting into everything! Trace makes very ornery smirky faces as well, I'm over the cuteness now though!

Miss jane said...