Sunday, March 28, 2010

Before and After

Alfred had his tongue tie operation done last week. Well, so far we didn’t see any improvement on Alfred speech or vocal. Doc said his vocal sound had been fixed since he is few months old when he is learning to interact with the first sound. We know it hard to change his pronunciation of word and it need some time or maybe a speech therapy might be needed later. Here, I posted a few photo of him before and after the operation.

Alfred showing his tongue. His tongue couldn't reach out of his lip

Being examing by nurse

Any fever before operation?

After changed to his operation suit

On the run..

A photo with mommy

Doc checked on Alfred

After operation, Alfred complaint, Mommy, my hand hurts!!

Still able to pose for mommy in sad face

2 hours after operation, he look happier
Showing mommy pancake and love..
Guess who is lining up the chair?

Finally, his tongue is over the lips

I posted this on facebook but I would like to also elaborate here about what had happen to Alfred’s operation bills. The day when I was discharge from the hospital, I was shocked to see the total bill amount RM4000. On last Saturday, Alfred follow up session with the surgeon, I highlighted Alfred medical bill are highly charged coz as doc mentioned earlier, the operation only needed about RM 2000. I wonder what the surgery supplies charges that cost me over RM2000 for a 10 minutes surgery. I confronted doc and to his surprised, he immediately confirm that there is something wrong with the bill. Doc wanted me to put up a complaint letter on this matter so that he could follow up this case for me. And I did. On Tuesday, upon submitting the complaint letter, doc personally brings me to Operation & Management Manager. I was promise to be given answer on the same day. After investigation done, it is proven that the admission clerk had done an error on keying in the wrong charge code which makes the surgical supplies come up to RM2000. The actual surgical supplies charges are only RM1.92 and another RM90 is added to the medical supplies charges. Overall, the bill reduces from RM4000 to RM2000. The next day, the account manager and OM assistant manager came to my office with a bouquet of flower and fruit for an apology and sending me the new bill. So, never hesitated to ask about your medical bill when you find a nuisance charges is made to the bill.


Destini said...

Alfred is too cute - especially in his surgery garb! Trace loves to make lines out of things too! Hopefully you will begin seeing improvement with Alfred's speech soon, some speech therapy might be in order.

Kim said...

I absolutely LOVE that picture of Alfred in the surgical cap. That is the cutest picture. I am so happy to hear that the surgery was a success and he will begin to formulate his words. I cannot believe the nice treatment you got over the hospital bill. I have been dealing with a dumb bill on Preston's sleep study for months and they have made me so angry and all I get is a headache!

Greene Family said...

Alfred is so cute all ready for surgery! I love that he was lining up the chairs . . . Simon likes to do the same thing! I'm so happy that he had a successful surgery, and hopefully, you will see an improvement with his speech soon! That is great customer service that you received over the medical bill issue - so glad that it was straightened out so quickly for you!

Miss jane said...